Dress Code

Clay County Elementary/Middle School

Dress Code

2023 - 2024


Bottoms - Shorts/Pants/Slacks (Navy, Black or Khaki)

  • Solid khaki, navy or black bottoms must be worn Monday - Thursday
  • Tailored shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh) may be worn
  • Shorts, pants, and slacks must be worn at the natural waistline and be the appropriate size
  • Capri pants/pedal pushers may be worn, provided they are not made of spandex or skin-tight material
  • No cutoffs, athletic style or spandex shorts are allowed
  • No oversized bottoms, sweatpants, athletic pants, or denim. **ABSOLUTELY NO SAGGING
  • Jeans (no ripped, shredded, bleached, or jeggings) may be worn on Fridays
  • Belts must be worn and must be black, brown, or khaki


Tops - Shirts/Blouses (Navy, Royal Blue, or Gold)

  • Solid navy, royal blue or gold shirts with collar, or spirit shirts may be worn Monday - Thursday
  • All shirts and blouses (long and/or short sleeves) must have collars except for spirit shirts
  • Types of shirts include – polo, button down, and spirit t-shirts
  • No large logos on any uniform shirts
  • All shirts and blouses must be worn tucked in at all times
  • No oversized, see-through, low-cut, sleeveless, or midriff tops


Jumpers/Dresses/Skirts (Navy, Black or Khaki)

  • Khaki, black or navy only must be worn with uniform shirt
  • Must be no shorter than mid-thigh and no longer than the top of the shoe
  • Open pleat, vent, slit, or buttoned opening skirts may not be worn open more than four (4) inches above the knee



  • All shoes must be closed in (front and back) …no flip-flops, jellies, crocs or mixed matched shoes
  • Socks and tights must be solid colors only (black, navy, or white)



  • Watches are allowed for girls and boys
  • Necklaces, bracelets, or rings must be small (quarter) size. Large jewelry is NOT allowed.



  • Sweatshirts and jackets must zip up (zipper must go from bottom of jacket/sweatshirt to top of jacket/sweatshirt)
  • All color jackets may be worn
  • Pullovers are NOT allowed


*Students may dress down every Friday if they have not received any dress code violations. Students receiving any dress code violations will wear their uniform on Fridays of that week. T-shirts featuring material pertaining to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sexually explicit acts, violence, weapons, cults, gang activity, or inappropriate messages are not permitted as well as t-shirts intended to be worn as undershirts.  Shirts cannot be altered from their original form. Students in ISS cannot dress down on Friday.

Students are expected to dress in a manner that is supportive of a positive learning environment. It is expected that they will dress to provide themselves and others with absolutely no distraction. The following articles of clothing are not to be worn at Clay County Elementary/Middle School:

--Tank tops, off the shoulder tops, halters, tops that reveal any midriff, fishnet clothing, or visible underclothing.

--Clothing that displays words, symbols or designs that advocate or depict violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, hate groups, gang affiliation, or other illegal or inappropriate activity (including negative social behavior expressed or implied; ex. Snowman, Don’t Snitch shirts, etc.)

--Skirts, shorts, or pants that are immodest, too short, sagging, or reflect gang activity.

--Hats, bandanas, sweatbands, visors, or sunglasses.

--Chains, dog collars, or gang-related jewelry, body piercing.


--Other appearance that is deemed distracting or disruptive is unacceptable. This may include unnatural hairstyles, hair color, make up or dress.


* All shoes must be closed in. --Not allowed: flip-flops, crocs, jellies, etc. 


* Students will not be allowed to wear body-piercing paraphernalia.

* Shirts must be tucked in and pants must be pulled up. Pants with belt loops should have a belt as expected.



Clay County Elementary/Middle School reserves the right to amend and change the dress code whenever additional items disrupt the learning environment.